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Coloplast is one of the world's leading manufacturers of stoma care products.

Our portfolio offers a range of innovative bags and supporting products that make the consumers feel secure and confident. Our wide offering also ensures that there is a product to meet the individual needs and we help with customized solutions for different body shapes and needs.

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Coloplast Care can make a difference for you

Coloplast Care lets you focus on being you again. Care is a personal support program to be used as a supplement to the help and education you get from your nurse or doctor. You will receive and have constant access to inspirational and personally relevant information and support.

Care is available for you in the privacy of your home, when your nurse, your doctor or our phone support is not available. Care will offer you basic introductions and guides to use the products, inspirational themes for different kinds of lifestyle as well as stories from other Coloplast users.


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